10/10M – Hall of Fame yet again.

10/10M – Hall of Fame yet again.

Rive, Arrows, Falling off bridges, Lag, Waves, Veil, and Warrior tank. The wipes were many and the excuses were even more. Yet Northstar managed to kill Sylvanas Windrunner on the 7th of September (yes we moved Wednesday’s raid to Tuesday due to Ahlii and Airiku’s lag and pc issues so we still only raided 3 days).

We managed to kill her after 152 pulls as 311th in the world according to RaiderIO, 75th Alliance (Although we know there are some transfer shenanigans already going on with the HoF Ally).

Massive thanks to the Northstar team. Well done. Especially to the people who are stepping down from Raiding now that the tier is over. Also massive props to Ahlii for managing to play the lowest geared tank (and worst class) to kill Mythic Sylvanas at the time. But since the tier is also a bit of reflection is in order; Northstar could have played this tier better and we should have played it better. We’ll get’em next time guys.

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