9/10M – Is he finally dead?

9/10M – Is he finally dead?

He died in Warcraft 3. We killed him in Vanilla. We killed him in Wrath. Yet the former mage of Dalaran has always managed to hide his phylactery.

Yet in the realm of the dead, it has finally been shown and we destroy his phylactery and kill Kel’Thuzad for a final time… 4 times actually. This should be the final time but who knows at this point. We managed to get the bastard down after holding dps for 68 pulls (ofc we killed him on the perfect pull count).

And below you’ll see Ahlii play his favourite tank this tier (**SPOILER** It’s a warrior**SPOILER**). He changed simple because he like it so much and thought that it would be better on Sylvanas. (It wasn’t because our dps warrior trolled and quit mid tier… Nope not at all.)

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