Author: ari

10/10M – Hall of Fame yet again.

Rive, Arrows, Falling off bridges, Lag, Waves, Veil, and Warrior tank. The wipes were many and the excuses were even more. Yet Northstar managed to kill Sylvanas Windrunner on the 7th of September (yes we moved Wednesday’s raid to Tuesday due to Ahlii and Airiku’s lag and pc issues so we still only raided 3…
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9/10M – Is he finally dead?

He died in Warcraft 3. We killed him in Vanilla. We killed him in Wrath. Yet the former mage of Dalaran has always managed to hide his phylactery. Yet in the realm of the dead, it has finally been shown and we destroy his phylactery and kill Kel’Thuzad for a final time… 4 times actually.…
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8/10M – Flawless Fate

Northstar managed to kill Fatescribe Roh-Kalo on the 16th of August with a total of 32 pulls before the fortuneteller fell apart. And enjoy the fabulous Blood Death Knight PoV of our tank Ahlii as we kill Fatescribe.

7/10M – Guardian falls easily

Guardian is the easiest boss in the raid due to it being a dance fight with very few mechanics for the raid to deal with. Huge shoutout to Ahlii for mainly solo tanking the boss as well as the healing team. And here is a new (Mainly solo) Tank PoV from Ahlii, playing Death Knight

6/10M – Realm first Painsmith!

Northstar finally managed to kill Painsmith Raznal after 107 pulls, which also earned us our very first Realm First kill. Unfortunately the boss was nerfed heavily the same night we killed after wiping to sub 1% last raid night.